Spoken Rule, If clause

Would you like improve you speaking English skill? Here’s you can learn essential spoken rule for sentence making. In this lesson I will share important spoken rule. So, let’s have a look.

Rule: If clause টি Past perfect tense এর হলে।

If clause টি যদি past perfect tense এর হয় তবে অপর clause হবে would have + main verb (past participle).

Structure: If+ Sub+ had+ verb3 + object+, + sub+ would have+ verb3 + object.


✪ আমি যদি শামিমকে দেখতাম, তবে তাকে জানাতাম।
If I had seen Samim, I would have informed him.

✪ আমি যদি তাকে দেখতাম, তবে তাকে নামাজের দাওয়াত দিতাম।
If I had seen him, I would have invited him to pray salat.

✪ সে যদি আমার কলম চুরি করত, তাকে শাস্তি দেয়া হত।
If he had stolen my pen, he would have been punished.

>> Prepared by: Farid Ahmed
>> Posted by: SmartEnglishbd.com